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Cancel Your AOL Account!

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It’s the perfect time for you to try a new Internet service provider, and to cancel your AOL account. Register for a superior dialup service plan, or move on to broadband. Either way, you can now get all the benefits given by AOL – all for about half the price. You have nothing to lose but the high price!

KEEP YOUR AOL BENEFITS - DITCH HIGH PRICES - GET BETTER SERVICE. Keep your email address. Move your IM buddy list. Access all AOL content… And, pay less than half of what you pay now!

With our helpful links and tips we’ll help you easily cancel your AOL account. Cancel-AOL-Account will help you compare other internet providers side-by-side with AOL. We’ll show what to look for in a new provider, how to save tons of money, and how to keep all your existing services. Cancel-AOL-Account will also show you some of the best Internet service providers available. If you’re still not convinced, visit our AOL News, and AOL Jokes. Enjoy!